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Drapeau de Royaume-Uni

Here is a resume in english of our website.

For more informations give us a call or en email here.

Drapeau du Danemark

Freja er fra Danmark, sà dansk bliver ogsà snakket her !

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Equivita is a breeding of Castillons horses.


They come from the Biros Valley, french Pyrenees.

Quiet, strong and sensitive, they have almost disapeared and are now protected. People use them for hiking, agriculture, horse carriage and more advancement in equine therapy.


Discover the Castillons and our horse's portraits.

Lotus Oriental


Our philosophy comes from years of experience and observation of the horses and we do the most possible to respect their natural ways : they live all-year-long in herd in the fields and we practice Subtle Communication.

It means to connect from heart to heart with the horses, to give them choices, and not force them to work when they're not ok with it.

Subtle communication also allows horses to offer us a new look about ourselves, to correct our behaviours and believes, be more present, more sensitive and more confident in our heart and soul. We feel our vital energy and those of living beings, which brings great moments of sharing and gratitude. If we are simply able to ask questions about who we truly are and accept the possibility to change.

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Here is a testimony of a student in Subtle Communication (at the end of the page).


On our page Education, you can find a video of a foal playing with the 'job' for the first time,


and here pictures of Subtle Communication sessions.

Les feuilles peintes 2


Equivita organizes trainings about Subtle Communication, which is the most important activity for us with equine therapy.

Next dates here, or on demand. Contact us!

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Freja can educate foals and older horses for riding or carriage.


We also provides strolls in carriage and rides in the forests and fields of the wonderful Plateau de Sault (see pictures of our nature on our page about the place).

Every riding levels are welcome ! Our only demand is to be ready to meet and listen to the horses, a purpose of self-evolution with those amazing equine guides.

We can animate village parties and weddings with the carriage! Isn't it romantic? A nice time for everyone


As a breeding, we sell horses and foals, and we can welcome your mare for reproduction. Meet our stallions Quinoa and his son Viktor.

Fleurs pourpres

We would be happy to welcome you in the little place of Montplaisir, near the village of Espezel, and give a visit of the herd and the region!


Find us on the map of the contact page

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